Kendall Givens-Little

Kendall Givens-Little enrolled at Howard University’s Graduate School of film in the spring of 2008 with the mission to strengthen his knowledge and skills in filmmaking.  In 2010 Kendall founded DK Filmworks, LLC with the help of friend, colleague, and co-owner, Dewey Ortiz.   The mission of DK Filmworks is to “Expand the perception and roles of African Americans” in modern cinema.

“Art for Hart’s Sake” was the first (documentary) film produced in 2010 by the company. The film went on to win a second place prize in the 2011 Paul Robeson Awards and fourth place in the 2010 One Person Can Make a Difference Competition.  Currently, DK Filmworks is wrapping up production of there latest film “Comeuppance,” a short film about small-town greed and corruption that leads to a face-off between best friends Tommy & Daniel.

 The film “Comeuppance” now serves as DK Filmworks first narrative film and calling card to the filmmaking community.  It is now being considered to multiple film festival around the country.




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