Dewey Ortiz Jr.

Dewey Ortiz Jr., born in Columbus, Ohio. A family conversation after watching Spike Lee's Malcolm X spawned his interest in film. Seven years later, while taking in Fight Club during his senior year of high school, Dewey began to appreciate the power of film. As he realized that movies could entertain while serving as a medium to inspire change, Dewey's interest in becoming a filmmaker was solidified.

While studying at Ohio University, Dewey seized the opportunity to study film at the Hong Kong Baptist University in 2003, before receiving his Bachelors of Science in Telecommunications, with an emphasis on Video Production from Ohio University.

Dewey later attended Howard University's Graduate School of Film, to sharpen his skills in film analysis, production, and screenwriting, receiving a Masters of Fine Art in Film.

Along with Kendall Givens-Little, Dewey co-wrote Comeuppance in 2011 and began production in early 2012. Comeuppance now serves as DK Filmworks first narrative film and calling card to the film-making community.




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